Inexpensive Tradtions

Posted on December 24th, 2013 by Freebie Felicia

There are many holiday traditions that involve money. We exchange gifts. We get new pajamas on Christmas Eve. There are a few traditions, however, that cost us nothing at all

The Special Book

We have one Night Before Christmas story book that we got for five dollars at Barnes and Nobles my son’s first Christmas. It is the same book that we use every year. We keep it in a safe place with all the other repeating Christmas items during the year. The kids expect this book. Five dollars for eighteen plus years of memories isn’t bad. To top it of it’s a tradition that my husband shared with his family growing up, so it links generations as well.


Going to midnight mass or the church Christmas devotional is free. So is acting out the nativity. If Christianity is not your religion (or the good of humanity is your holiday hope)  plan religious traditions according to your own beliefs. I share with my children other peoples holiday belief to teach them tolerance for all mankind. It’s fun to share in the traditions of friends as well.


I love to sing during the holiday season. Seasonal music is full of hope, or at the very least fun. Some years we go out and share  our voices with our friends.

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