Inexpensive Gifts Your New Teacher Will Love

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Teacher  Day. Hydrangea flowers and copybooks on the teacher's desk (flowers, glasses, copybooks, board, pencils).


It’s always nice to bring a little something for your child’s teacher when school starts up again. It doesn’t have to be a big gift, just something thoughtful that you and your kiddo pick out. With the craziness of school starting again, learning all the new kids’ names, and making sure they have all of their lesson’s planned, most teachers would really love a small token of your appreciation. I’ve gathered a few inexpensive ideas for something fun for your child to take to the teacher sometime during the first few weeks of school.



Don’t be afraid to go traditional! An apple paired with some peanut butter or caramel, like in this example, is the perfect gift for any teacher!


He or she is probably overdosing on coffee this time of year, and would probably love a new mug! (Especially if it has a cute quote on it.) If you don’t want to buy one, grab some sharpies and draw on one yourself! Here are some instructions.


A batch of cookies or a few candy bars with a cute note is inexpensive and super sweet! I’m sure they’d love a sweet treat to hide in their desk drawer. I found the cutest printable tags for all kinds of different candies on this blog!


Sharpies, dry erase, Crayola, the options are endless, and they’re all on the top of most teachers’ lists. Wrap up a handful of Sharpies or a box of Crayola markers with a ribbon, and viola! You have the perfect teacher gift. Head here for some photo inspiration!

Pencil Holder

Paint a mason jar, or buy one at the store. Having a fresh new holder for their supplies will much appreciated! These two different mason jar pencil holders are so cute, you’ll have to give them a try!


Just typing “teacher gifts” into Pinterest had me nearly drowning in adorable ideas. Any teacher receiving any of these sweet gifts is super lucky!


Let us know in the comments what you do to let your kids’ teachers know you appreciate them!

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