Inexpensive Easter Decorations

Posted on March 25th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

Easter Decorations

Everyone love a holiday that fills us with fun and hope. Even if you aren’t religious Easter can signify a renewal of nature and a a time of beautiful change. Like every holiday, decorations are part of the celebrating spirit. We just don’t want to over do it too much. Here are a few ideas to get your house into the Easter spirit without killing your budget.


Go to and look up Easter decorations from lowest price to highest. They have stickers, wall clings, plastic chicks, bunnies, and eggs. They have a big variety of colors and sizes. The only problem you may run into is shipping, but often when you order $35 or more in product you get free shipping. Add something you need along with your Easter decorations to make up the $35 total.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have a huge variety of pastel candy and Easter themed candy. Get a couple bags and fill your candy bowls with these colorful gems. They are really pretty and really inexpensive. You’ll also have something to offer your guests when they come to visit. Just refill the dish when they leave.

Grocery stores also carry small inexpensive stuffed Easter bunnies and spring ducks. These are great decorations, especially when you have smaller children. The can pick them up, throw them around, and play with them. You just need to pull them out from under the bed and return them to a decorative position each night.

Fake Flowers

Fake flowers can be found at dollar stores and craft stores. They are bright and colorful, don’t fill your home with allergens, and can be used long after Easter has come and gone. They don’t require much maintenance. Maybe a little dusting every now and then. Best of all if your toddler decided to trim them, most fake flowers can be put back together.




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