Inexpensive Birthday Morning Surprises

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chevron birthday candles on pancake stack

Nothing is better in a child’s mind than waking up to it finally being their birthday. This is a day that they’ve waited 364 days for. Even though it’s bound to already be super exciting, you can help to make it even more fun with a few surprises that they can wake up to.

1. A Banner. You can make your own “Happy Birthday” banner, or you can buy a cute one from the store. String it from the ceiling or across the window. When they wake up to your message reminding them (as if they really need reminding) that it’s their birthday, they’ll be extra excited.

2. ¬†Balloons Everywhere. If they open their eyes and see colorful balloons all over their room, maybe a few helium on the ceiling and a bunch tossed on the floor and dresser, they’re going to definitely wake up on the right side of the bed.

3. A Surprise Outside Their Window. Toss rocks at their window until they wake up and look out. Have a big banner outside, a chalk mural, or a bunch of balloons. (If it’s still dark outside, stick glow sticks inside the balloons, they’ll glow!)

4. Birthday Pancakes. Waking up to the smell of homemade pancakes is always what I remember from my birthdays growing up. My parents would always make mine into a Mickey Mouse shape, and then top it with candles. Then everyone would sing “Happy Birthday” and I’d blow out the candles just like I would on a birthday cake. Regular pancakes would work just fine, but these Cake Batter Pancakes would be a hit!

5. Confetti. Nothing beats waking up to the popping of those little confetti shooters. Though you’re sure to startle them at first (which is part of the fun) they’ll love the raining down of confetti everywhere.

6. Scavenger Hunt. Place the first clue by their pillow, and then have it lead them, clue by clue, to a present they get to open that morning!


Whether you do just one of these or a combination of a few, you’ll make their day for sure. It doesn’t have to cost much money, it’s just the thought you put into it and the element of surprise that they will cherish in their memories forever.


Do you have any fun Birthday Morning Surprises? Let us know in the comments!

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