Inexpensive Allergy Relief

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We have family cats, an indoor garden and allergies. We have learned a few tricks to live in harmony with each others hobbies and loves, while still being able to breath

Shave The Cat

I live in a warm all year climate, and my cats are indoor pets. This means that is wouldn’t really harm my cats if they were to have a lion cut. There would be less fur for them to lick ( the allergen is in their saliva) less fur to shed and even less hairballs. If this is not a option you see yourself taking grooming the cats every day helps to cut down loose fur and dander as well. Ask at a local shelter for the name of a good pet groomer. They may even set you up with their groomer for free.

Generic and Over The Counter

Most of the prescription strength drugs of yester-year are now over the counter. They almost all also come in generic form now. There is 24 hour relief in  some drugs, such as Claritin and Zyrtec.  While the name brands usually run about ten dollars, the generic is about three dollars less expensive.


Disinfect linens and furniture daily with a disinfectant spray. It kills allergens already out and about in the house. I use it on linens, beds, and other furniture. I also vacuum using baking soda as a rug powder.


An air purifier doesn’t have to be expensive. I saw one at Walmart for forty dollars. It can suck all the allergens out of a small room, leaving the air more breathable and helping the afflicted sleep better at night. An added benefit is my husband has stopped snoring since we got ours.

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