In Debt and Alone…

Posted on January 9th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

That is the most untrue statement ever made here on Thrifty Divas. Americans accumulated over $11.31 trillion in debt in 2012.

I promise, with those statistics, you are NOT alone. One of the hardest things about paying down debt is feeling alone. You feel like no one else is in your place and that it’s hopeless. Again, another lie! There is also a sort of stigma that goes with people who are in debt.

Just a few are, “You are irresponsible with your money,” “You don’t pay your bills,” “You just want everything now and you don’t want to save for it.”

Those are some pretty strong words that some of us in debt have heard. So if you keep your debt a secret you’ll never have to hear those things. However, how about coming into the light and be honest, then get the help you need to get out of it.

One of the biggest ways to get out of debt is to bring it into the light and get into a support system. Get with other likeminded people who want the same thing you do. If you’d like to pay down your debt with the help of likeminded peers, join the members of AFullCup (for free) These guys are serious about getting out of debt and helping each other through it.

Those guys are talking about everything from paying off huge home loans to smaller credit card bills. Regardless they aren’t going at it alone and neither should you!

Go kill some debt in 2013!




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