I’m Spending Money On Nothing

Posted on May 2nd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

spending money on nothing

Many of us do it. If you’re like me you even rationalize it. I spend money on nothing. At least I used to, until I realized what I was doing.

Gaming Perks

Whether it’s that new cow on a Facebook farm or a new outfit or pet in my favorite MMO, the fact of the matter is that I have spent money on nothing. I realized this the other day when I spent $40 on a couch…that was digital. I may have picked up a few other items as well, but in the end what I bought was useless to me in the long run. I agree that games can be fun and relieve stress. I also know that spending too much on them can cause financial problems for those on a tight budget. My digital furniture can’t even be liquidated. In fact, many of these purchases are only for a limited time because some day the game will be canceled.

Fake Money

I buy Facebook credits for certain games. I buy credits to bid on auctions. I limit the amount of real money I have by investing in fake money. Really it isn’t the smartest thing that I have done with my money. Sure I can make purchases with my fake money, but it limits what I can buy and where I can buy it. In the end I’m stuck taking what a company wants me to buy. Instead I should look for deals on what I really want to buy and use real money. In some cases (like the auction bids) the amount of fake currency inflates so much I would be better off using real money for a product.


For some people gambling can be a real problem. They get addicted to games and watching their profits rise and fall. For others it’s not so much a problem, but it’s still a waste of money. Even when I find a game to play for free, I’m tempted to throw more money into the slot machine, digital or tangible. There are much better things I could be doing with my money. Even allowing it to build interest in a savings account would be better.


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