If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It

Posted on April 27th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


A friend and I were were watching Star Trek once and she commented on how after all those pretend centuries people were still using the zipper in the space exploring age. I responded that if it wasn’t broke, you shouldn’t fix it. That’s how I feel about many things and it has saves me a ton of money.

Take Potty Chairs For Example

It seems like a simple thing. Any parent knows how to use a potty chair and is trying to teach their child how to use it. Then comes a different version. We now have a miniature toilet and a potty seat that latches on to the regular toilet. You are given the choice as a parent to empty your toddlers waste in the toilet and cleaning out the chamber or risk wetting yourself as you try to pry the other design off the toilet so you can use the facilities yourself.

Next comes designs. They now have a holder for the ipad, lights that light up when your child pees, and one that make music in bowel movement celebration. Heck, they even make one that looks like frog face eating your child’s backside (as if my skittish toddler will want to risk that). They are all very creative ideas that have nothing to do with actually going potty. Not only that, but there is no actual proof that they work better than the old fashioned potty chair which costs a third (at the very least) than the potties that can now fly to the moon and play an in flight movie.

Real Progress Promotes Frugality

While the same concept can be applied to many, many fluffed up newer models of old products, there is such thing as useful progress. The fun thing about progressive progress is that it save money, reduces waste, and promotes frugality. For example, I was reading an article about a new type of shoe that can grow with a child. It will save a parent money, reduce the amount of shoes that need to be used and eventually discarded, and was made specifically for countries and families that would otherwise have a difficult time keeping their kids in shoes. That’s a type of fix to a product I can get behind.

In the mean time you and I can help by rejecting puffed up versions that do the same thing as the less expensive model from last year.




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