A Good Beverage on a Budget

Posted on January 30th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

I had noticed that I had been spending more money than I meant to on beverages. I spend a lot on soda. Soda is full of caffeine, sugar, and all sorts of things I can’t pronounce. It also costs a good chunk of change. I know it’s better for me to drink water, but I find it boring. For this reason I have learned to make it a little more exciting with a few tweaks.

Herbal Teas

Peppermint tea is great when I have an upset stomach.  Chamomile is wonderful for trying to get to sleep. Lemon Ginger tea is good when I have a stuffy nose. Raspberry Zinger is perfect for female troubles. They can be served bot hot or iced and still taste great.

The best part of herbal teas is the fact that they are mostly water. They help hydrate our bodies and it comes in different flavors. Not only that, but they don’t have artificial flavors, additives, or colors. The boxes come with about twenty tea bags, but cost less than a case of soda.

Ice Cubes

Plain ice cubes are refreshing in a pitcher of water. They are even better when flavor is frozen into them. This could be a type of berries or some cut up melon. It could also be fresh mint leaves. Fruit juice could be frozen into ice cubes and put into water to add a little flavor to it.

A Small Sample Of Temptation

I still like my soda. I have learned how to ration one soda through an entire day. Most of the time I want a taste of soda, but I don’t want to drink a whole can or bottle. I have started only getting bottles (I like the small ones that are only one serving size) and sipping one a little, replacing the cap, and then return it to the fridge throughout the day. It makes my soda last, reduces my soda intake, and I get a little treat as my day goes by.



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  1. betty January 31, 2014

    my drink rations are 1.coffee.2sodas and a cup of juice and 2ptof water or more during the whole day some times tea.

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