How to Save Money Printing Coupons

Posted on January 18th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

If you are an avid couponer, you probably spend a lot of printing coupons. The cost for ink and paper definitely has to be factored into the cost of couponing. Here are some ways to save money when you print coupons at home.

1. Watch for good deals on printers. Here at Thrifty Divas, we will let you know if we see any printers that are a good deal. While waiting for us to find good deals, be on the lookout too. I was able to find a wireless inkjet on sale at Wal-Mart for $49.99! It doesn’t suck ink and it’s nice to print from my couch.

2. Buy a laser printer if you can. Laser printers generally use less ink, but are more expensive. However, if you can find a good deal, snag it because it will save you in the long run.

3. Print as many coupons on one page as possible. Don’t print single coupons unless you totally have to.

4. Don’t print in color. Stores do not require you to print in color so save the color ink and print in black and white.

5. Refill your ink cartridges. Even Walgreens refills cartridges for half of what a new one is. We use Cartridge World usually and spend around $7 to refill them. If you want to buy new ones, places like Staples will let you recycle your cartridges and give you a few dollars cash for them.

6. Use your reward cards. There are companies like Cell Fire and Saving Star just load coupons onto your reward cards then you don’t have to print at all!


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