How To Save Money On Bread

Posted on August 17th, 2015 by Discount Debbie



Bread is something our family goes through a lot in a months time. We pack four school lunches. That is 8 pieces of bread per day and 40 per week. And that is just for the kids lunches. We also make french toast and mom and dad enjoy a sandwich every now and then as well. So, how can we keep the cost down?


Did you know that you can freeze bread? If you find an amazing price on your favorite brand of bread, grab it and stock our freezer. When it’s time to thaw, just move it to the fridge. Easy peasy!


Many name brand bread companies put out manufacturer coupons in the paper or online to print. Check the manufacturers website as well. You can even email your favorite bread company and request coupons from them directly. Need extra coupons? You can ask friends & family for their extra coupon inserts or join trade groups and trade for your coupons.  Again, you will want to stock up during a sale paired with coupons.

Head to the Farmers Market

Many areas host Farmers Markets.  Some are weekly, some are held monthly.  Many of these Farmers Markets offer deep discounts on bakery items.  My biggest tip is to try and talk them down even further.  Or, wait until the last hour of the market, and you will find prices slashed further, as the sellers do not want to take the bread back to the store/home with them!! Again, stock up and freeze your bread to avoid multiple trips (save gas money!) to the market each week.

Shop the Bread Outlets

Do you have local bread outlets in your area? They can offer deep discounts.  We have two in our area.  We have a Flowers outlet and and Entenmanns outlet.  Both have rock bottom prices on all types of bread.  We can find hot dog buns, rolls, bread loaves, gluten free bread, and so much more at 50% or more off the regular price.  Keep an eye on the expiration date, as some are almost expired, meaning you will have to pop them in the freezer if you’re not going to use right away!



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