How to Save BIG on Going to the Movies

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If your family is anything like mine, and LOVES heading to the movies, you’ll want to check out these tips on how to save money while there…

Get a rewards card
You just swipe it each time you make a purchase (or enter in the card number if you’re buying tickets online) and you rack up points. After only a few purchases, you’ll have coupons print out just about every time you get your tickets printed! We’ve gotten free concessions, free movies, and considerable discounts, at no extra cost to us!

See if your local theater has a discount day
Lots of theaters offer movies for just $5 on select days. Even the super-cool D-Box seats or the luxury recliners are included! We call Tuesdays our “Tuesday-night-movie-night-date-night”. Each Tuesday, if there is a decent movie out, we head on over to a theater and make a date of it! It satisfies my husbands’ immense love for watching movies, and it keeps me and our budget happy as well.

Refillable mug
Though they may cost a bit to begin with, they are going to pay for themselves (and then save you money) in no time. With each refill only being a dollar, you’ll save yourself a lot of cash after only a few uses.

Refillable popcorn bucket
I didn’t even know that these existed until about a month ago! If you’re a big popcorn fan and don’t love the idea of emptying your wallet each time you want to get a bucket, then grabbing one of those is definitely a good idea.

Sneak in a few treats
(Shhh, you didn’t hear it from me!) Even just bringing in one boxes of candy per person from the grocery store can save you a lot of money based on how expensive concessions are.

Save your disposable popcorn bucket
If you don’t want to buy a refillable bucket, you can make the most out of the disposable¬†one that they give you when you order a large popcorn. Most theaters will give you one free refill! So make sure you hold onto it and take it into the theater next time you go to the movies.

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