How to Host an Ice Cream Sundae Party

Posted on October 18th, 2016 by Uncategorized

Mehrere Eisbecher


How cute would an ice cream sundae party be? It’s the perfect idea for a birthday party, family reunion, or just a fun get-together!

Ice cream is usually a pretty universally loved treat, and with so many different flavors there can really be something for everyone! I’ve put together a list of what you’d need in order to create the best Ice Cream Sundae Party ever.

1. Ice Cream. It might be kind of hard to have an ice cream party without the ice cream… Make sure you have a large variety of flavors, and don’t forget some good old-fashioned vanilla for those boring people out there (totally kidding! Kind of).

2. Ice Cream Scoops. If you really want to be cool, keep them in a large bowl of hot water so that there is less flavor mixing and it’s easier to scoop!

3. Bowls and Cones. Give everyone the choice with cute bowls and lots of cones.

4. Fruit Toppings. Bananas, strawberries, raspberries… You can really go with just about any fruit!

5. Candy Toppings. Sprinkles are a necessity. Also marshmallows, chocolate chips and nuts!

6. Syrups. If nothing else, set out some chocolate syrup and whipped cream. If you’re feeling fancy grab some pineapple preserves and some caramel and strawberry toppings too.

7. Spoons and Napkins. I don’t think those need too much explaining…

8. Decorations. How cute are these ice cream balloons? Even if you just make a few of these and set everything out on a nice tablecloth, you’re set!

9. Invitations. Make your own, like these adorable invites, or simply send out a mass text. Anything works.

10. Lots of Hungry People.


There you go! Super cute party idea for any time of the year (not just Summer! People eat ice cream allll year long). It doesn’t take much work or planning, just the right supplies!

Let us know how it goes, we’d love to hear it!

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