How NOT to Haggle

Posted on January 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Haggling. You either love it or hate it. Yesterday I was visiting with a friend of mine who owns a bridal shop. She was telling me that brides constantly come into her shop and try to haggle with her. She went on to say it’s very frustrating because she’s not in a business where that’s appropriate and that people were basically wanting her to give away her dresses for free.

Which of course this got me thinking. Is there a wrong way to haggle? I think so!

1. First you need to know there is a time and place for it. The truth is, not everyone appreciates it. Car dealership is appropriate, maybe not so much a Nieman Marcus.

2. Make sure you pay attention or ask businesses for their pricing policies. Some will have policies about discounts for floor models or even if they don’t accept any lower offers. For example, our local Toyota dealership does absolutely ZERO haggling. They give you the best price for their vehicles and they don’t go down EVER.

3. Don’t be rude if they don’t accept your offer. My friend in the bridal shop held her ground on a particular dress and the customer turned around and made her feel horrible about it. That’s not ok and gives us Thrifty Divas a bad name.

4. Try and have a grasp of the value of what you want. This particular bride that was haggling my friend offered $200 on a $1800 dress. I think out of everything my friend said, this was the hardest to swallow. That amount is insulting compared to its worth. The dress wasn’t on a clearance rack, it wasn’t damaged, that was just their offer.

What do you think about haggling?

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