How a Thrifty Diva Sees the World!

Posted on March 19th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


The Thrifty Diva has a different perspective of her world than those who choose to live a less frugal lifestyle. We sometimes make purchases based on crafting ability and an object’s potential to be fixed up. This isn’t something we hide. It’s actually something that we brag about, even to those who aren’t sure why this would be a good thing. Here are a few ideas from the Thrifty Diva perspective.

I Have All I Need

You know you’re a Thrifty Diva when you are content with where you are in life financially. Your bills are paid. There is food on the table. You live in a small home, but a safe neighborhood. That’s what you ask for in life and having it is enough. Sure it’s nice to have a few fun items or a little splurge. If, these things don’t happen, however, it doesn’t break our hearts.

I Put Effort In What I Have

It’s not enough for a Thrifty Diva to simply have something. We like to put our sweat into what we have. We work on staining a piece of wood furniture or gardening our vegetables. We know our way around a tool box. We can fix the toilet or tape walls to paint. Our homes just aren’t made of stuff, but memories of the hard work that went into our little corner of the world.

I Think Other People Are Crazy

We think that, but we are polite about our opinion. We share with our friends the many ways we have saved money and are shocked when they take a more costly approach. We don’t understand the desire to put anything on a credit card. We aren’t interested in monthly payments adding to our monthly budget. Even holidays are not a time to spend extra, because they were planned months in advance. We watch our friends go the crazy way and keep our opinions to ourselves.

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