Homemade Baby Puzzles

Posted on January 3rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

I like my child to have thinking toys, but it’s even more fun to make them personal. That’s why sometimes I make my own baby puzzles. To make a baby puzzle I need:

1 piece of cardboard or poster board

1 picture. It can be of a favorite animal, the family picture, or even a hand drawn picture.

1 glue stick

1 pair of scissors

Use the glue stick to glue the picture to the piece of cardboard or poster board. Cut the picture board however seems best. If a family picture was used, I could cut around each family member to make each person a puzzle piece. If I just used the picture of a face I could cut out eyes, ears, nose and mouth to make each feature a puzzle piece. After that I’m done and have a brand new personalized puzzle to present to my little one.


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