Home Remedies For Cold And Flu Season

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by Discount Debbie


Cold and flu season has arrived. Have you noticed? It has hit me a bit like a Mack truck this week. In the last two nights, my children have been up so much in the middle of the night that it has made those early new mommy days/nights seem like a cake walk. Cough, congestion, fever and an overall feeling of yucky-ness is the diagnosis over here. My guess is that we are not alone. So, I thought I’d share a few natural, thrifty home remedies for this-most-wonderful-season-of-all’s downside.

Garlic. This has been my favorite way to fight sickness. It contains powerful natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. I have generally just crushed a clove or two and mixed it into my food. Once in a while, I’d throw that crushed garlic onto a slice of toast (sprouted wheat, usually) along with a slice of cheese. It’s a yummy way to fight off sickness. Just be sure to let the garlic sit for about 10 minutes before you take it. Waiting that time period gives it time for its effective enzyme to be released.
Hot Liquids. Hot herbal teas often help boost the immune system. But, simply drinking hot drinks is effective because the heat helps fight off bacteria.
Cinnamon. Did you know that cinnamon does more than just help create that holiday aroma? It has antibiotic and antiviral properties. I’ve been mixing about a 1/4 tsp of cinnamon into a teaspoon of honey and giving it to my 2 1/2 year old this week. He likes it and has begun asking for it on his own. And, I feel good about it working on his behalf to kick this bug he’s fighting.

Diet. What we eat matters whether or not we are sick. However, if your body is fighting something off, it is important to do your best to work with and not against your body’s immune system. White flour and sugar are two of the biggest immune suppressors; they also happen to be in so much of the American Standard Diet. So, at the very least, cut out white flour and sugar and help your children to do the same. Keep in mind that when you are sick, you don’t actually need a lot of food because your body needs to focus more on healing than digestion.
Hydrate and Rest. Repeat. If the body is running a fever (which means it is fighting the illness) the best thing you can do is to stay well hydrated and rest. Our bodies need extra rest and extra water (esp. if you have a fever) to fight off illness. If you have children, then you know that they are not necessarily prone to wanting to sleep when they are not feeling well. So, just help them to rest. Instead of naps yesterday, I threw in a video and brought out the children’s pillows and blankets. I allowed them to watch one of their favorite videos as long as they were resting on the couch while they watched. Do what you need to do, right? (Meanwhile, I got a bunch of laundry done!)

What do you do to fight sickness during cold and flu season?

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