Healthy, Homemade Ginger Snaps

Posted on September 13th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

My children have recently decided that they love ginger snap cookies. We bought a few to take on a recent trip from the bulk section (because we wanted to to “test” them). Well, it was a very successful test. And, ever since then, my four year old daughter has asked me if I would make some ginger snap cookies at home. How could I resist?

There are plenty of fine recipes for ginger snap cookies. However, since we bake primarily with coconut flour and almond flour, finding what looked like a good recipe was a challenge.

Since I didn't make any modifications to the recipe, I'll just send you to get the recipe right where I found it over at Comfy Belly. I followed the recipe but forgot to add the finishing salt (which was optional anyway). And, it's a hit.

It was fairly easy. You essentially mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the two wet ingredients (butter/oil and honey) until it's read to spoon out and form little balls.

Easy enough. And, it smelled pretty good even at this point. That's always encouraging.

When I look back at the Comfy Belly recipe, I realize that I should have pressed down on those cookies a little more; I think they turned out thicker than what I see as her end result. I only say that because I loved them and my 2-yr-old son can't get enough of them. However, my texture-sensitive-if-it's-crunchy-it's-good daughter was disappointed that she didn't get the same snap she got with the store bought cookies.

I had two pans and left one about two minutes longer than the other. I didn't want them to get burned; but, in retrospect, I could have left them in for another minute. They taste GREAT. But, I think the lighter colored ones would have more snap with that extra minute in the oven.

In any case, snap or no snap, they taste great and are on their way to completely disappear within the next 24 hours!

Have your children ever encouraged, motivated or guilt-tripped you into making a snack for them? If so, what did you make

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