Healthy Food Deals This Week

Posted on January 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie


We usually post on healthy or healthier food deals every week. This week, we have organized this list just a little differently. Rather than looking at the healthy deals by store, today you can look up the actual items you’re looking at buying and compare prices that way. Let us know if you have a list type preference.


Albertons: Red delicious apples – $1.29/lb
Fred Meyer: Fuji, Braeburn, Cameo or Gala Apples – $0.88/lb
Safeway: Fuji apples – $0.99 a pound
Top Foods: Braeburn, Granny Smith or Cameo Apples – $0.89 lb
Winco: Fuji Apples – $0.98 lb
Winco: Braeburn Apples – $0.78 lb


Albertons: Hass avocados (medium size) – $0.50 each
QFC: Medium Hass Avocados – $1 ea
Safeway: Hass avocados – $1 each
Top Foods: Hass Avocado, medium – $0.69


Winco: Bananas – $0.52 lb


Albertons: Blueberries (6 oz pkg) – $2.99 each
Fred Meyer: Blueberries, 18oz – $3.99
Safeway: Blueberries 6 oz – $2.99 each


Winco: Broccoli Crowns – $0.97 lb


Winco: Red Cabbage – $0.58 lb
Winco: Green Cabbage – $0.47 lb


Safeway: Cantaloupe, sold whole – $0.99 each


QFC: Mini Peeled Carrots 16 oz – $1
Winco: Baby Carrots 2 lb bag – $1.98 ea


QFC: English Cucumbers – $1.50 ea
Winco: Cucumbers – $0.48 ea


Albertsons: Green or red seedless grapes – $3.99/lb
Safeway: Red or Green seedless grapes – $2.99 a pound


Albertons: Red grapefruit (medium size) – $0.50 each
Fred Meyer: Organic Grapefruit – $0.99/lb
HEB: Texas Grapefruit 3/$1.00

How are you doing with your resolution to eat healthier: a) doin’ it, b) workin’ on it or c) what resolution? 😉

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