Healthy & Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Actually Eat

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It's really yummy!

With school approching, mornings are about to get even more hectic! Don’t let the most important meal of the day get skipped, and try to avoid letting your kids fill up on sugary cereals every morning! Prepare now by planning out a few easy breakfasts for the first week of school…


I love buying bags of frozen fruit so that I can quickly add a few cups to the blender along with juice and have a yummy and super nutritious smoothie in no time!

TIP: Add chia seeds. Once blended in a smoothie they are hardly noticeable (just like strawberry seeds!) but they are packed with nutrition. Your kids will not even know that they were added, but they will greatly benefit from the added fiber and protein!



Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring; it doesn’t take much more time to cut up a peach or strawberries and add them to your bowl. I find that when you add fruit to your hot oatmeal the warming of the fruit brings out the sweet flavors even more! Though steel-cut oats cooked on the stove are my most favorite, the minute oats work great and take a lot less time.

Everything good for a growing child

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Layer apples, bananas, strawberries and any other fruit your kids like with some yogurt. Fast and nutritious, and it can easily be put in plastic cups to be eaten in the car!

Peanut Butter Toast

Toast bread, add peanut butter. Easy as that! Cut up a banana and arrange the slices on the bread into a smiley face for a fun touch your kids will love and some extra nutrition!

Scrambled Eggs

I used to think that scrambled eggs could only be achieved as a weekend breakfast. But in all actuality, they really don’t take very long to make! Scrambled eggs with a side of toast and a piece of fruit is a perfectly balanced meal that will keep you and the kids full until lunchtime rolls around.

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