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Posted on July 18th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

One of the problems I have with the Extreme Couponing show and phenomenon is the kind of food it appears that these couponers are feeding their families. Even if all we care about it saving money, we can’t deny that taking care of our bodies saves money in medical costs in the future.

In the short run, it can be more expensive to eat whole, real, fresh food much less organic, gluten-free (if necessary) or even grain-free. However, if being healthy is as important as saving money, you can find the very best deals to do it.


Amazon carries a variety of all natural and organic products , including a nice selection of flours, oatmeal, extracts. I actually started buying an organic vanilla extract that costs almost the same per ounce (because it’s a bulk item) than I was paying for my non-organic vanilla extract at my local store.

I also buy my essential oils from Amazon. Here’s my latest favorite: Eucalyptus oil.


Every so often Honeyville has 15% and 20% off sales. If you use as much almond flour as I do, then you know that getting almond flour for $4 per pound is a HOT deal. That’s the breakdown of the price for a bulk order of almond flour (25 lbs). I sometimes go in on the deal with friends simply because it can be hard to store that much flour. But, I use it enough that I have gotten it on my own as well.

This sale is currently going on at Honeyville from now until Friday. Be sure to enter SIZZLE at checkout in order to get the current 20% discount!

There are so many places to get good deals. Where do you shop for your healthy deals?

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