Healthy & Budget Friendly After School Snacks

Posted on August 30th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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Do your kids come home from school exhausted and hungry? I think it depends on their age. My tween and teen come home exhausted and hungry and the younger kids come home hungry and full of energy from sitting all day. So what should we feed them that is nutritious and budget friendly? And of course kid friendly is a must.  Here are some tips to keep them full, happy, and keep mom and dad on budget!

Sliced fruits and veggies: Cut apples and oranges into small slices that they can eat while working on homework. It’s less expensive to buy the fruits and vegetables whole and cut yourself. The cost goes up when you choose convenience packages of sliced foods.

Cheese: Cheese is another great choice for energy. Again, string cheese is going to cost more than a block of cheese that you slice for them. Price vs. convenience. In our house, we choose the lower cost options.

Peanut butter: My kids are huge peanut butter fans. And it is full of protein for health. I try to have a plate of fruits, veggies, a small dipping bowl of peanut butter and ranch. The kids love making their own creations.

Wraps: Another options is a sandwich wrap. Easy enough for the kids to make themselves too. Place the tortilla wraps on the table with deli meat, cheese, and condiments that they enjoy. Some examples are mayo, mustard, ranch, cream cheese, and sour cream.

Pretzels & Popcorn: Another easy and healthy option. Pop a bag of popcorn or fill a bowl with pretzels. Shake it up by adding parmesan cheese or other flavoring to the popcorn. Have peanut butter available to dip pretzels. What are your kids favorite after school snack?

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