Grow Your Own Herbs to Save Money

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Just a couple days ago I bought a basil plant. It cost me $3.49. I had just bought a small package of fresh basil leaves only a couple days earlier. It cost me $2.99. The plant has dozens of huge, healthy leaves. The package has maybe one dozen leaves that are already starting to wilt.

How had I not noticed the huge price difference before?

The packaged basil tastes the same (until it wilts) and sure, it’s easier to deal with. Doesn’t need to be kept in direct sunlight and watered frequently. It simply waits in your fridge until you need to use it. But it’s not at all cost effective! I actually LOVE the way my basil plant looks next to my kitchen sink in front of the window, and it’s not hard at all to keep the soil moist!

Personally, I think growing my own herbs is a sure-fire way to save money on my grocery bills since I love fresh herbs. I never used to use fresh herbs; I’d just use the dried variety, and it was fine! Until I tasted just how much better my meals were when I even substituted one dried herb for a fresh one. Basil is my favorite. It’s in so many common, yummy meals (omelettes, pesto sauce, tomato soup…) that I’m plucking leaves off my plant at least every other day for something. 

So if you find yourself looking to use more fresh herbs to season your meals, I’d highly recommend picking up a plant or two to help you save money. I also find that since it’s always right there, overflowing with goodness, you often look for more recipes to incorporate it into your cooking! Just make sure to do a little research on each plant and it’s individual needs, and you’re set!

What is your most favorite herb to cook with?

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