Grieving The Missed Deal

Posted on March 2nd, 2012 by Coupon Cathy


How do you feel when you get great deals on your favorite items? When I score on the best of deals, I experience a little bit of a high in terms of emotions. Scoring on a great deal often just makes my day, or week! 😉 Now, I’ve got another not-so-fun question for you. How do you feel when you miss out on a great deal?

One of my biggest deal/sale “losses” took place around Christmas. I usually look at the “sell by” dates on the natural and organic meats at our local grocery store. The store policy is to discount all their packaged meats (by at least 50%) on the day before the “sell by” date. Around Christmas, I noticed fresh organic turkey with the “sell by” date around New Year’s. We had family in town and I didn’t really need to go to the grocery store before then, so I just waited to check on the turkey on the day I knew it would be marked down. When I arrived at the store, there were no organic turkeys left. I thought I’d ask the manager because it seemed odd that that so many would be sold at full price before the sell by date. The manager proceeded to inform me that after Christmas, the rules change and all turkeys become clearance items. The organic turkeys had sold for $0.29/lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was BESIDE myself. How could I be so diligent and drop the ball so badly? I hit myself over the head all day and had to make myself not think about it after that day.

I realized that I’d felt smaller measures of this with smaller deals. But, this was a big one. How could I just not think about it?! What helped me through that sense of loss helps me now with smaller “losses” too!

1. Remember the deals that you DID get! I had just gotten three huge all-natural turkeys for about $5 each just a few days earlier. I was thrilled with that deal until I started thinking about the one I didn’t get.

2. Can do without. While it would have been a great way to stock up on meat, it really would have been a bonus. We don’t eat much turkey during the year. So, the three we had would be plenty for the year.

3. Sales come around in cycles. So, there would be other meats and, around the holidays turkey again.

4. No deal is worth robbing us of our joy, if even for a day. If you’re bummed out about a deal you missed, it’s a sign that things in your life must be pretty good if that’s all that has got you down. 😉


How do you deal with a missed deal?

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