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Posted on April 25th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

One of the freebies I have been enjoying is my awesome Everyday by Rachel Ray magazine. I LOVE to cook so cooking magazines are awesome for me, but this is so much more! It has great tips in it too. I was just reading the March issue and they have some great kitchen tips that I had to pass on to Thrifty Diva readers. I have NEVER heard of these tips and they are so fun!

1. When you run out of breadcrumbs, substitute peanuts. When you run out of breadcrumbs, just pulse up some peanuts and throw them in whatever you are making. Just make sure you don’t puree them or you’ll get peanut butter.

2. Use Ramen seasoning packets to brine meats. I know a lot of people use Ramen noodles in salads and other various recipes where they will probably have packets laying around. Don’t throw them away though! You can use them to brine meats. Mix it with just enough water to cover the meat and let soak for 15-20 minutes then cook as normal.

3. Use coffee to flavor steaks. I get coffee samples all the time to have on hand for visitors since we don’t drink coffee. Here’s another great use for those samples. Before you grill your meats, rub some coffee on it. It gives your meat a smoky, chocolatey flavor.

There were a few more ideas as well, but you’ll have to get the issue to see them. It’s a great magazine!
Have you tried any of these ideas?


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