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Posted on December 19th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


What do you get the people who have it all? When it comes to grandparents often a gift must come from the heart, because they have everything else. Gifting to grandparents requires time and a little creativity to make their holiday season a little bit more special.


This is not the type of art that is expensive, considered an investment, or has a well known creator. This is family art. You could make a family mosaic. Collect a large amount of family photos including of you growing up, you and your siblings’ families, and all their grandchildren. Use scissors and glue to create a collage like creation on a poster board. When the glue is dried, frame it, wrap it, and send it on to the grandparents. Another artistic idea is sending them a toddler abstract work. Take a poster board and let your toddler go to town with a set of markers, frame it, and send it on its way. ┬áIf you are worried this sounds a little unsophisticated remember there are people who dip cat paws in paint and let them walk all over canvas. This too is considered art, but grandma will love your little guys work much more.


We all know that we need to spend time with the ones we love, but when grandma and grandpa live far away that is more than a little difficult. So instead share a record of the time you have been apart. Send scrapbooks made from the past year or keep a daily journal of your children’s exploits from a point of view a grandparent would appreciate. You can even add a parent’s footnotes or have your little one write a note or draw a picture each day.


Last but not least you can create the perfect gift for that special grandparent that has blessed your home with the noisiest toys known to man. Record an hour long concert preformed by your child and his favorite music toys. Or if you have a talented and musically inclined teenager, create a CD with a sample of music from each month of the past year. The gradual improvement of the CD should let mi-maw and pop pop know of all the hard work your child has done honing their talents. The best part is they will have proof to go along with their bragging rights.




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