Goodbye Television

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Life without television to some people is unimaginable, but in reality it isn’t bad at all. To not own a television doesn’t just reduce the DVD clutter around the house. It saves money as well.

Less Advertisement Exposure

Television must have been the bane of my parents’ financial existence. They had five children ranging a ten year span. As children, we were suckers for anything promoted on television. It didn’t matter if it was drink pouches, clothes, toys, or breakfast cereal. We wanted it. We imagined all our friends had it. We pestered our parents relentlessly. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how much I was influenced by television commercials. I was single and without a television, I suddenly realized I didn’t need name brand items and even forgot about items that I previously had to have.

Forms of Media

I don’t have game consoles or a DVD player. There is no point for me to have them without a television. I don’t sink money into the latest and greatest console game or buy very many DVDs. I still play media on my computer, but so much of it is streamed now I rarely need to buy a hard copy. If I do, a download is usually less expensive than a DVD.


I am a huge believer in saving electricity if I can. Our lights are off, unless in use. We keep our appliances unplugged and put away. When we go to bed we turn off the computer and anything connected to it. We have our electric bill down to $50. Our feeling is why buy a radio or television that suck up power, when a computer can do both those jobs.

The Actual Appliance

Televisions cost a good deal of money. If we ever decide to buy one new we would want one that would last for a while. It would most likely cost us hundreds of dollars. That money could be used elsewhere in our budget. We just don’t feel it’s worth spending the money on one piece on entertainment.

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