Gluten Free On A Budget

Posted on July 31st, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We’ve been thinking about trying the gluten free route for the health of my son. And right now gluten free diets seem to be very popular. Everywhere you go you see gluten free options for restaurants, bakeries and all over the store. However, these specialty items can tend to be expensive too just like any other specialty food. For people who truly have gluten allergies or celiac disease, this can be frustrating to live within a budget and still eat some of your favorite foods.

Here are some of our Thrifty Diva tips for eating gluten free while saving some money.

1. Buy your awesome already gluten free stuff on sale. There are tons of gluten free options that are always naturally gluten free and we all enjoy them. So when you see beans, rice, canned tomatoes, quinoa and gluten-free pasta on sale, buy up!

2. Eat more potatoes! Seriously it’s the ultimate comfort food and there isn’t a lick of gluten in them. They are also VERY cheap to buy and you can literally make thousands of things with them. And don’t forget sweet potatoes, they are like dessert!

3. Stay away from gluten free breads, wraps, etc. Anything that’s specifically engineered to be gluten free is going to be expensive. Unless you catch it on sale, just try to live without it. Even mixes to make your own are expensive.

4. Make your own broth. Do this anyway to save money, but especially if you need a gluten free version. It’s so easy to make broths. All you need is some celery and onions along with whatever meet/bone you are cooking and let it cook on low for a couple of hours. It makes a highly nutritious and cheap broth! It can be frozen VERY easily and brought out whenever you need it 🙂

5. Watch for coupons. Because of the rise in popularity for gluten free items, there have been a lot of coupons lately for those items. You can definitely clip coupons for gluten free items!

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