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Posted on May 30th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


For a long time, I thought that people were going “gluten free” simply because it was the latest health fad coming out of Hollywood. It wasn’t until someone I trusted (my wonderful mother in law) told us to seriously consider the possibility that my husband might actually be either sensitive to or intolerant to gluten. When I did some research, I realized that some of his symptoms did line up with gluten sensitivity. So, we launched into an attempt to go gluten free.

My husband LOVES his bread and crackers. So, this attempt was no small endeavor! I had to come up with tasty substitutes for his standard go-to carbs. In the process, I discovered that it’s very possible to turn our cookies into gluten free ones. I got a great deal on brown rice flour at Amazon. The price, when you buy in bulk and “subscribe and save” is so much better than what the exact same product at my local grocery store.

In the gluten free process, I realized that grain free baking was even healthier than gluten free baking was. How wonderful to be able to transform baked goods into protein! I quickly discovered that grain free baking is even more expensive! Amazon helped me out again. I got bags of almond flour at $3-$4 less per bag than I could for the exact same bag at my local grocery store.

As we have experimented with grain free cooking, I have found and made up some recipes that our family loves. So, almond flour is now a staple in our home. So, when I saw a deal for a 25lb bag of almond flour, I had to get it. My best deal on almond flour had been $8/lb until this point. However, the 25lb bag broke down to $4 per pound! It will make our bread and cookies that much sweeter to have almond flour at such a good price.

What do you do to save money on gluten and grain free baking?


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  1. Michelle May 30, 2012

    Learning how to make you GF Flour is key. Making sure you store it properly in a Freezer-safe bag/container will help. It will keep a few months that way and you won’t have to throw it out because it went bad.
    Cooking it yourself will save a ton of money because GF processed foods cost quite a bit more due to strict processing.
    Go to the products website, register with them and sometimes there are coupons to print.
    Remember some GF foods has a short shelf life and can go bad easily! Our foods have very little preservatives in them. So freeze and date as much as you can.
    In RL I am a GF grocery specialist and sell these products all day long. So if anyone has any ?’s just ask!
    Have a wonderful day!

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