Giving To Charity Without Needing It Afterwards

Posted on May 1st, 2015 by Discount Debbie


The opportunity to give is everywhere. People can make accounts on various websites to raise money for anything from animal shelters to medical procedures. It’s a great sight to see so many giving people on social sites helping their fellow man. Unfortunately for some people it’s inspiring in all the wrong ways. So how do you discern between those that truly need help and those that just want your money?

Who Do You Know?

There are some instances that we know the person asking for help and we can be sure that they need the money they are trying to raise. Other times they are a friend of a friend. They can be vouched for by somebody that you know and trust. Sometimes these people are well known in media and both the media and the public will hold them to the promise they made to whatever charity they are raising money for. In all of these cases there is a very good chance that your donation will make it to a person in need rather than a person in greed.

Official Charities

Sometimes what you want to give in charitable donations is not so much to a person as it is to a organization. You may have had a close and personal scrape with a certain disease and want to contribute to helping find a cure or treatment for it. Look for an official organization to give to. Many pay to search or pay to click sites give you the option to donate the monetary value of your points towards these official organizations.

Community Charities

Last, but certainly not least, are community charities. These charities are often done through church organizations or through official organizations, such as your local branch of the Red Cross. These organizations don’t just need money. They also need time and effort. They can educate and train volunteers for free or small fees. They can also directly help those that are in need.

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