Give Your Kids The Joy Of Letter Writing

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Letter writing is becoming a lost art. It seems that all that comes in the mail nowadays are advertisements and bills. Do you remember how excited you got when you received a letter in the mail, even if it was just a card for your birthday? I still get super excited to see something in the mailbox with my name (as long as it isn’t regarding a payment). This Summer, give your kids that joy, and help them write letters to someone they know. I’m sure that grandma would love to receive a handwritten letter from her grand kid, and would certainly write back. Just imagine how excited your kiddo will be when he or she opens the mailbox to see a response!

Aside from the pure joy of giving and receiving letters in the mail, this is also a great activity that helps your child with their writing skills. Depending on their level, they can start out with drawing pictures on the paper and adding their name and a few words to writing a full page about all the fun things they’ve done this Summer. With school out, kids often regress in their academics during the long break. This is a great way to make sure that they stay on top of the spelling, grammar and handwriting that they’ve worked on the year before. This could also be a great time to teach new vocabulary words as well!

The whole process of writing a letter can be a learning experience. Teach them about addresses; the one that the letter is being sent to (grandma’s house, for example), and their address so that the recipient knows who sent them mail. If they still haven’t memorized their address, this is a great activity to help with that! Teach about how sending mail costs money, and go to the post office to pick out some fun stamps. While you’re there, you can even talk to a post-worker about what they do at their job.

All in all, this is an activity that only costs the price of the stamp, and can be a really fun learning experience for your kids. They’ll be checking the mailbox every day, anxious for a response!


Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it went! 

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