Getting the Most Out of Your Bank

Posted on February 14th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

There are tons of options out there for your banking needs. Everything from credit unions and local banks to large national chains. Regardless of who you use, there are definitely some tips to helping you get the most out of your account and what the banking experts have to offer. Check them out!

1. Compare fees. Not every account is usually the same fee wise. Some banks have free accounts, some are free with regular direct deposits, student accounts, etc. It’s very important you check and see what you can do. Some banks really want your business and are willing to work with you over the fees.

2. Check for promotions. If you visit your bank regularly  just ask if they have promotions now or coming up soon. It may be as simple as a toy for your kids, but no reason why you can’t reap the benefits.

3. Financial planning. Most banks have people working for them that really understand finances. They can explain to you how to save, where to invest and what can bring you the biggest return for your money. USE THEM! Make an appointment, tell them your financial goals and let them give you advice. You never know what you may learn.

4. Check for reward programs. Some banks have reward programs just for using their debit or credit card. They work by you accumulating points for what you spend, then you can use those points for free stuff.

5. Sync your account with programs like Quickbooks. Programs  like Quickbooks will sometimes have options to sync with your bank account and allow you to better track your finances. Your bank may offer similar programs as well.


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