Getting More Use Out of Old or Damaged Clothing

Posted on April 9th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

old clothes

We may not spend a whole lot on clothes. We may buy them on sale or in a thrift shop. They can be off brand names. We’ll do whatever we can (within reason) to save on clothing. The savings don’t stop there. We will even find a way to save money by getting more use out of our old clothes.

Damaged Pants Into Shorts

We all have a pair of pants with holes in the knees from working or playing hard. We can patch up the holes if we want, but I just turn them into shorts. I cut the leg off just above the hole. Then double roll the bottom of each leg to hide the frayed part. If you want you can even sew the roll in place so that you don’t have to roll it every time you wear your new shorts.

Old Shirts Into Night Clothes

Old t-shirts or dress shirts can find a new life as night clothes. For the most part it doesn’t matter what we wear to bed so long as it is climate friendly. We can wear our old clothes to be and ┬áno one will see that old stain or little rip in the hem. Little ones also benefit from adult t-shirts as night clothes. They end up working as full length night gowns depending on the clothing sizes of the child and adult in question.

Socks and Gloves

Old gloves or socks can be used as dusting or polishing mitts in the living room. They can be used as wash cloths in the shower. They can be used as craft supplies to make puppets. Pantyhose and tights can be used for puppets of coupled with a frame to make rackets. Socks and pantyhose both can be rolled and sewn into balls to go along with the homemade rackets.



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