Getting Me Time Without A Babysitter

Posted on May 29th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Mom’s don’t get a day off. It doesn’t matter if you work at home or not. We are on the clock from time to wake up until it is time to sleep. Then we are on call through out the night. The best way to get any time for oneself is to hire a babysitter and leave the house for a little while. Not all of us can afford to do that though. Here are a few ways to get a little me time even when you don’t have a babysitter.

Quiet Time

Have a designated quiet time in your home. It could be a few hours on Sunday afternoon where the kids play in their rooms or a a daily hour where the kids spend a little time reading. Making a little quiet time a part of your routine helps you get a little time in for yourself and teaches your children to entertain themselves.

The After Bedtime Routine

After your kids go to bed, and before you go about picking up toys or doing the dishes take some time to breath. Enjoy a snack or a soda without little ones around begging for a taste. Take fifteen minutes to fish that book you have been trying to get through for a month. Then when you have had at least fifteen minutes to yourself you can get your chores done. Nightly chores can feel like a much smaller task once you have taken a moment to calm down.

Where’s Mom?

There are many places you can go to take a moment to breath. You could have a lemonade in the back yard. You could take an extra long shower. Use weeding the front yard as an excuse to be away for a moment. If your kids rebel against the idea, offer to have them help so you can get to what they want you to more quickly. They will either help or let you alone to get your weeding done.

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