Getting Children To Eat What You Buy

Posted on November 8th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

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I was a picky eater. There were foods I liked and foods I didn’t like and foods that I thought I had never tried. My mother, in later years, ¬†told me that she had found a few tricks to get me to try new foods. She also learned how to hide what I wouldn’t.


Dips add a little more variety and fun to a child’s meal. Raw fruits go great with dips like whip cream, peanut butter or caramel. Vegetables are complemented well with salad dressings. When all else fails to get my child to eat his vegetables I ad either shredded or melted cheese. I also use various types of salad dressings for my child to dip his chicken in.


On colder days I like to bake certain types of fruit, but not in a pie. I don’t use sugar, but I do use spices, like cinnamon. Vegetables get a little garlic powder ,minced garlic or ginger. Many spices or seasoning benefit good health.


Many foods taste wonderful together to my child that he would not eat on their own. For example he doesn’t like spinach, but if it is mixed into a chicken casserole he eats it without even noticing it. In the mornings I take berries or bananas and blended it with some yogurt and Ovaltine to make smoothies. My son loves them, and they are fairly healthy.

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