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Posted on November 27th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

I love free family fun. I especially love having A LOT of fun for free. Have you heard of Geocaching? If you haven’t, you must try is ASAP!

Basically Geocaching is a GPS treasure hunt.

You start with going to the website HERE. Btw, you’ll need a GPS that has the capabilities to put in coordinates into it or use your iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone. You’ll just need to download the application. It’s $10 to buy from iPhone, but it’s a one time fee.

How it works
The website or application will give you coordinates to put into your GPS or select on your phone. It’s all based on how complicated the “cache” is. There are super easy ones that will take minutes to find and others that could take hours. You search based on your zip code and getting the coordinates on the website. From your smartphone, you just search for close ones.

You put in the coordinates and then your GPS or phone tells you as you get closer. Then when you are right on top of it, you search for it. A lot of times the “treasure” is hidden under rocks, trees, in bushes etc. You just have to search until you find it.

Where can I do this?
EVERYWHERE! Even my little 1-thousand person hometown had them! People from all over the world do this.

What’s so cool about it?
There is definitely nothing awesome in these treasures. There are usually log books where people who have found it will log their visit and the rule is to take something from the treasure and leave something. Once I read a log where people from England had found the cache. It’s a great way to connect with the rest of the world! It’s also cool that you can literally do this anywhere. If you are visiting another town a thousand miles away you can still hunt for treasure. Just pull out your GPS or your smartphone and have fun!


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