Gender Neutral Baby

Posted on January 13th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

I like to reuse items for children and babies in my family. I simply can’t afford to go out and find brand new items each time one of my children progress into them. For this reason I limit the type of things I buy for my little ones based on if it’s gender neutral.


When building up items for a gender neutral baby colors are usually most important. When it comes to items like playpens, car seats and strollers we chose warm browns and greens. Sometimes we found items that had blues, greens and pinks in them. These were appropriate for both a boy or a girl, and we could get on with our planning andpreparing without yet knowing the gender of the baby.

This also works with clothing. We found that whites, browns, greens and yellow jumpers we always a good idea. White socks always seemed to match just fine as did baby hats and blankets.


I have lately discovered that almost all animals, with the right background patterns or colors are gender neutral. Scenes of frogs or ducks on a pond are good for both a girl or a boy. So are dogs and monkeys. In fact about the only animal I found that doesn’t seem to be gender neutral is the cat. With all the enthusiasm around Hello Kitty it would seem that hose cats and kittens are mostly for girls. This doesn’t extend, however, to their larger relatives such as the lion.

Avoid Words

Words on clothing are avoided at all cost when I shop for children’s clothing. If it has Daddy’d Little Girl printed on it my son can’t wear it. Words on clothing make it harder to reuse the items for later children.

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