Frugal Potty Training

Posted on January 6th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Potty training can be stressful for both a mother and a toddler, but it doesn't have to be costly. There are a number of ways to make sure that we aren't throwing to much money down the toilet.

The Mini Throne

I am not thrilled to be buying a potty chair, but I don't want my child to be falling into the toilet backside first and panicking because he's stuck. I remember this happening to one of my siblings and it tainted potty training for a few years. So a potty chair will save me the grief of that. That does not mean that our potty chair ( some costing as high as $40 dollars) will light up or sing when our little guy goes number one. It's a $12 dollar potty that he can use. If he needs bells and whistles, I'll clap when he's done.


We didn't buy training diapers that we would have to buy over and over again. We didn't buy special training pants or the plastic underwear that would have to go over them. We bought the normal “big boy underwear” that we will wash often, but he will be using for at least a year. A pack of  three cost us five dollars each. We bought two in the hopes that he won't go through six pairs a  day. If by chance he does, however, the items are small enough not to make a huge impact on our laundry expense. He will play mostly outside or on un-carpeted areas of the house.


Rewarding my son for going where he should will be either free or very inexpensive. Verbal reinforcement is free. I will clap, tell him good job , yay, and he did it.  If that's not enough I will put up a sticker chart for him. He'll even get to pick the stickers

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