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Posted on December 17th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

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You may have a cherished fuzzy friend. You may have children who have a cherished furry friend. Either way,as un-frugal as it may sound, you’re getting your pet a present this holiday season. How do you include your pet in the holiday celebration without adding too much of an expense?

Get Your Pet a Book

Yes, I am aware that your furry friend, while very talented in many areas, does not read. You, however, d, and you have incredible talents that can be gifted to your pet. You could pick up a recipe book designed for your pet’s dietary needs and let them enjoy your culinary skills. Or you could pick up a book of training tips. They make them for dogs as well as cats. There are even books on creating toys for your fur baby. The best part is you can often find these types of books on sale or at a discount.

A Pet Service 

If you have children, and they want to get the family pet a present, have them find acts of service that aren’t already a part of their chore routine to give their fuzzy friend. Don’t include things like going for a walk or feeding. Do include items such as extra time with the laser pointer or other favorite toy. Have them devote extra time and effort in a grooming session or contribute to a tooth cleaning. Your pet will want some of these items and need others. Service can go a long way as a gift, even for an animal.


One of the cheapest gifts of all can be a can of tuna (water packed) or a bag of raw hide treats. For many animals food is one of the best gifts they can receive. Let the giving of human food (the tuna) be only for special occasions and the treats be spread out over the month.

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