Frugal New Year Resolutions

Posted on December 26th, 2013 by Freebie Felicia

Most of us look at the new year as a time to wipe the slate clean and start our improvement schemes all over again. Perhaps we want to lose weight or learn something new. Whatever our hope it’s even better when we can save money while reaching for our goal

Do Something For Your Health

I know that when it comes to my health, I use to make huge resolutions that I would ultimately fail at. Now I do one small change and if that works out I can move on from there. I could drink more water instead of eliminate all soda from my diet. I can eliminate chips from my diet rather than all junk food. I could even do one yoga pose a day which is more likely to happen than a half an hour a day. The little changes last longer and can be added to when the time is right.

In addition this saves me trips to the doctor, or splurging on the latest weight loss pills. It can save me in pharmacy trips, gas and all that emotional eating I would do after “eat salad for a month” just doesn’t work out for me.

Take A Free Class┬áis a great place to find free online college level classes. I can learn something new and be able to do it from home. It doesn’t matter if I make more money or if I have a car. I can still improve my mind, which in the long run helps me improve my families life.

Give Yourself A Break

If I am having a hard time with a resolution it is easy to beat myself up about it. Instead I make a list of all the things I have achieved over the course of time. Every time I am discouraged I make myself add one or two more achievements to the list. Or list the good things that just come natural to you. For example I never bit my nails, so I never have to worry about changing that habit. Remember that improvement doesn’t always have to come with an emotional flogging.

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