Frugal Moving

Posted on March 19th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Moving is stressful enough without thinking about the expense, but an expense always comes with moving. There are, however, a few tricks to keep moving expenses to a minimum.

Going Truck Free

Do you really need to rent a truck when moving? It may not cost that much when your are just moving to a different part of town, but when you are moving across the country it can cost much more when moving to a different state. Instead, ask yourself if it is possible to downsize what you own without getting rid of anything you absolutely need. Could you make multiple trips if you are just changing residence in the same tow? Also make sure you give yourself enough time to move. Nothing can make a move more expensive than panicking over time constraints.

Visit People

Instead of staying at hotels when you move across large distances, consider the people that you haven’t seen in a while that are on the way. Most people don’t mind a one or two day visit. Just make sure to give them plenty of advance notice of your intent and arrival. This will make it easier for them to plan their lives around you accordingly. Also consider camping at KOAs ┬áin places you need to stop where family or friends do not live. They span across the country and have tent, RV, and sometimes cabin options.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Do you have more than one car? Who is riding with whom? What is the most fuel efficient route? How will you keep in touch on the road? What is the plan if a vehicle breaks down? These are all important things to consider when driving across the country. Search or to make sure there are plenty of gas stations, places to eat, and automotive repair places on your route. Mark them on your route so you know how far away they are as well as a game plan in case of such an event. Will you stay in a hotel that night? Can anyone in the family fix the vehicle with just tools and parts? It’s also important to take a vehicle in to be serviced and repaired before the trip. This may not keep a breakdown from happening, but will reduce the chances of that occurring. At the very least you will have an idea what the problem may be.


What tips do you have about saving money when moving?

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