Frugal Family History and Traditions

Posted on January 29th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

I want to be able to teach my children about their heritage but I can’t afford a trip around the world (being multi-ethnic that’s what it would take).  I instead use what I have to teach my kids about our family.

Advice Book

I have tried to keep a journal, but my daily life is just that. Normal daily life. Every day I found myself writing about doing the laundry, dishes, and cleaning the house. Every now and then I would remember to write something cute about my kids. Writing was problematic because in the morning there is nothing to write about and in the evening I’m so tired I can’t think of the things I wanted to write about.

So instead I have started writing an advice book for each of my children. I give advice about the things I think are important such from my daughter’s maturing moments to what qualities are good in a woman for my son. Best of all, my husband actually volunteered to join me in this project, so my kids get a lasting record of advice from both mom and dad.

Family History

Family history is more than just building a family tree. It consists of pictures, stories, ethnic culture, food, recipes, and much more. Log family heirlooms with the number of generations they have been in the family and who started passing it down. For some it will be jewelry. For others it may be a wedding dress. For us it is the blankets that have been made over the generations of our family. We call them love blankets and tell the kids that’s what makes them extra warm.

Make It Your Own

If writing isn’t something you enjoy consider turning family pictures into a child’s picture book or making a video. Give family recipe cooking lessons. The amount of things that can be passed down is only limited by our creativity.


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