Frugal Feng Shui

Posted on December 9th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I like the use of Feng Shui in my home. I feel it’s a good way to organize, remove clutter from my home, and decorate in a way that gives us an open feeling in our living space rather than a cluttered one. I, however, don’t have a budget that allows me to do all I want with my home, so here are a few ways I improvise When using Feng Shui.

Moving My Furniture

I think one of the best things for me has been moving my furniture. I can make my room face which ever direction I need it to. I put my couch diagonal across a corner, instead of against a wall. The way a room is set up also helps me be mindful of certain goals in my life because each space is a symbol for a part of my life or attributes I want to cultivate or change in myself. Besides, it’s free to move furniture and sometimes a change is all i need to feel better about my living space.

Natural Elements

Not all home decorations have to cost money. In fact in Feng Shui it is preferred that natural materials are used. Rocks, soil or charcoal can be put in a clay pot. Use colored leaves to depict the color of fire. One sign of Feng Shui even recommends sea salt in a bowl as a decoration.


It’s best to use items that have a function instead of another figurine that gathers dust. Try pots, boxes or furniture with storage capacity. This could be for pens, pictures or blankets. Plants can be specifically for cooking or a really nice way to have cat grass around the house. This keeps clutter off the counter, helps eliminate junk drawers and keeps me organized

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