Frugal Felines

Posted on August 27th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

I love my two cats and want to give them the best care my budget can afford. That said, I do live on a budget. Here are a few ways that help me save money and at the same time ensure that my cats get the care they need.

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Groom them at home

A good deal of what is done at a pet groomer is easy to do at home with the right tools. It  will only take a few tools and a little time for the owner and the cats to get used to. The three main tools needed for this task are a set of cat claw clippers, a brush ( I use a wire brush on long hair cats) and a tooth cleaning kit. Set aside time twice a week to groom your cat and save the money that  you would have paid the groomer for a new scratching post instead.


Price medications

A few times that I have gone to a vet they have asked me to pick up an over the counter medication. I like to price these items both online and in pet stores. I found a worm medication for half the price online compared to inside the pet shop. Just be sure to check the vet paperwork   to ensure your buying the proper medication.


Invest in pet insurance

Some vets offer a type of insurance for your pets medical needs. Most of them are inexpensive and come in handy during emergency medical visits. If your vet does not offer a medical plan ask if there is one that they accept. Often there is information materials in the examination rooms.




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  1. Jonnie August 28, 2013

    Compare pricing between Vets. One clinic quoted me nearly $150 more to spay my kitty than another. She received excellent care for the routine procedure and I saved enough to buy her food and treats for a long while.

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