Frugal Family Field Trips

Posted on March 30th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

field trips

Families like to be able to get out of the house to do things together. Unfortunately many aquariums, zoos, and local attractions can be very pricey regardless of if you are paying for a membership or just one day. Here are a few things you can do together as a family without destroying your savings account.

National Parks and Monuments

National parks are a beautiful and affordable way to get back to nature. Some are free, other have fees, but are generally much more affordable than your typical tourist attractions. Many have activities that can be fun. There are tours, mountain climbing, canoeing, or rafting to partake in, depending where you are visiting. The are also natural formations or historical monuments. There is wild life that you can try to catch a glimpse of. Just be sure to obey the rules and warning signs of the park or historical site.

Local Historical Museums

Many towns have their own history and historical buildings. Some offer tours for donations or a very low fee. You can learn many interesting things about the indigenous people of the area you live in. You can also learn about the who founded your town and what interesting things they did. Who knows? You may even learn that famous people from history are connected to your town.

Local Art Exhibits

Many towns have local art centers that show off the work of artists living in the area. You can find paintings, handmade dresses, or even hand made jewelry. It also give you an opportunity to buy interesting works of art for your home at a much lower price. These centers often offer art classes that families can enjoy together. Many I have visited have a free class for young children to enjoy.

Local Stores

Many book stores have events such as book releases or a weekly story time. These are fun to visit. You have the opportunity to enjoy contests, arts and crafts, or just wander the store and get to know people. Hardware stores also may offer classes for children, such as building a bird house with a parent.


If you love to go camping consider becoming a KOA member. Many KOA campgrounds have extras such as water slides, canoeing, or a swimming pool. The have camping spots for both vehicle campers and tent campers. Many even have cabins. Plus there is a camp store and clean bathrooms.

Local Farms

Some local farms offer berry picking in the summer and pumpkin picking in the fall. Most of the time these activities are inexpensive. Many farms also have a petting zoo for children to enjoy. Just watch out for the goats! 😉

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