Frugal Car Repair

Posted on September 30th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

frugal car repair

Cars. We sink money into cars like there is no tomorrow. We buy them, insure them, and put gas in them. If that wasn’t enough they can cost a fortune in upkeep and repairs, but many of us just don’t have that fortune to spend. Here are a few tips to use when fixing your own car.

Price Parts

If you have the know how to fix your own car that will definitely save you money, but your quest in frugal car repair doesn’t stop there. Make sure you are paying the best price for your replacement car parts. Not all car care shops charge the same price for the exact same car part. If you don’t shop around you could pay much¬†more than you have to.

Quick Fix Tools

If you are going to make a temporary repair use the proper equipment for the fix. For example, if you choose to wrap a wire in tape rather than replace it, don’t use duct tape. In spite of its great reputation, duct tape could make the situation worse. Use electrical tape instead. Make sure you pick the correct size timing belt instead of just any timing belt. Using the wrong tool or part could end up making your situation much worse. If you aren’t sure about your quick fix, it’s best to talk to a professional about it. They will let you know if it’s a safe course of action to take.

Work Your Way Up

Sometimes your car has a variety of ¬†issues and it’s unclear which issue needs to be addressed right this instant. Start with the least expensive problem that it could be and work your way up the list of possibilities by cost. This will help you figure out what your car’s problem is without wasting all of your resources fixing everything on your car right this moment.

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