Frozen Candy Tastes Better!

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Candy Bar

Candy Bar

It’s blazing hot outside and you want a cold treat. Instead of reaching for the ice cream bar, how about you give one of these frozen candies a try? There are so many different candy bars that taste amazing when they’ve been in the freezer for a few hours, but these are just the few that I have personally tried and loved.


Chocolate Covered Raisins: These are also super yummy when frozen. They thaw out fast, but when they are frozen they are a bit more chewy and crunchy.

Charleston Chews: I love Charleston Chews. I really, truly, do. But I do find that they can be a bit exhausting to eat after a while with all of their gooey goodness. Popping them into the freezer for a bit totally solves that issue though, and I find that it even enhances the flavor!

Gummy Bears: Frozen gummy candies are so great. Pop a few of these into your soda once they’re frozen for delicious ice cubes!

Peanut Butter Cups: Some may argue that when these babies are frozen, they taste even better than when they are at room temperature. I didn’t think that there was any way to possibly make them taste better, but when I tried them frozen, I had to agree.

Milk Duds: I can’t eat Milk Duds unless they’re frozen. Despite the deliciousness, they are just too dang sticky! I end up having caramel stuck in my teeth for forever. When they’ve been frozen, however, they turn crunchy and even though they do thaw out when you’re eating them, they are a bit easier to manage.

Snickers: Cut them up into bite size pieces and put them in the freezer for a few hours. Soon you’ll have a crunchy, and once they’ve thawed out a bit in your mouth, extra chewy candy!

Junior Mints: Last but definitely not least. These are my favorite frozen. In fact, whenever I buy a box of them, they end up right in the freezer. I’ve even noticed that most movie theaters will offer you a box of frozen Junior Mints if you ask! (Also, I’m sure that the standard York Peppermint Patties would be amazing frozen as well.)

The frozen candy possibilities are endless! Do you have any candies that you swear are better once they’re frozen?

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