Freeze Vegetables, Save Money

Posted on April 12th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Last week we talked about buying vegetables when they are on sale. You may be tempted to buy a ton when it’s on sale, and that’s a good idea. However, you’ll have to be careful that you either use what you buy or freeze what you can. Vegetables definitely go bad and you don’t want to throw them out especially if you got a good deal.

Onions, bell peppers, celery are all especially great to freeze. A lot of the recipes I personally cook with call for this trinity so I like to have these in the freezer ready to saute. It’s saves a lot of time for them to be already cut up and I don’t have to hurry up and use them.

There are quite a bit of vegetables that don’t freeze well too. Lettuce, melon, cucumber usually don’t thaw out well. Potatoes can be frozen, but you’ll need to cook them first. They will turn brown otherwise. Avacado will also turn brown in the freezer. I never freeze avacados, but they don’t last long in my house anyway because they are so yummy.

Many vegetables need to be blanched first. Blanching is to put the vegetable or fruit in boiling water, lift it out after a certain amount of time and cool it off quickly. This “neutralizes bacteria present in foods delaying spoilage.” You can do this to asparagus, broccoli, brussell sprouts, carrots, eggplant and corn.

Do you buy tons of vegetables? What do you do to use them quickly?


  1. Rita April 12, 2012

    I really need to freeze veggies more. I end up throwing so many out.

  2. Angela Michels April 16, 2012

    These are great tips! I was always wondering about freezing potatoes, and now I know. Hopefully I can get to freezing them before they start to sprout. lol

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