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Posted on October 23rd, 2011 by Freebie Felicia

Do you ever wonder how some of those freebie offers turned out? Here’s a freebie review.

Free Fabulous Nails Nail Shields

Unfortunately, the free offer is now over, but sure enough the freebie did come! A friend of mine tried hers and let me know her thoughts.

These nail shields were purr-fect for my Halloween costume.

They’re kind of like stickers but thicker and work kind of like those boil-on Easter egg plastic decorating sheaths. For each nail you select a coordinating size then blow dry the sticky side for 15 seconds. Then you place it on your nail and trim the excess. Then you blow dry that nail for a little longer to help it set.

While I loved the look, overall these ended up being a nuisance. Simply folding laundry the edges of the nail shields started to fold up as the fibers from the fabrics I was folding clung to the sticky edges of my nails. Soon enough they began to fall off. Not to mention I kind of felt like I was wearing mittens since my nails felt muffled and awkward. Maybe I’m just too sensitive. I enjoyed these for the length of a Halloween party but soon after it was back to the blow dryer because fortunately with just a little heat the nail shields peel right off.

Overall, I like the look but wouldn’t want to wear these often.

Thanks for the review!

Oh, well. That’s why we like FREE, so then it doesn’t matter if you end up not liking the product.

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