Free With a Price – How to Handle Gifts with a Catch

Posted on March 26th, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


As a Thrifty Diva we aren’t usually too picky about taking used items and hand me downs. There are times, however, when free is just too high a price to pay for what you are really getting in return. Here are a few times not to accept the thrifty gifts of others.

When There Is A Catch

A friend or family member decides to give you a bunch of stuff out of the goodness of there hearts and all of a sudden you owe them. After all they were so generous towards you. You can usually tell this is happening when you never asked for any of the items given and they just show up out of the blue at your home with a smile and a favor request.

If you don’t trust the person’s motives, but you don’t want to directly confront them and cause a scene, plead a lack of storage space. Let them know you are thankful they thought of you but you don’t have the space or need for all this stuff. If they insist, tell them you’ll look through it to see if you need anything, but you’ll probably just end up donating it. Then end with a thank you.

When You Really Just Don’t Have The Space

Sometime people bring you stuff knowing that they needed to clean out a closet and that you have that thrifty habit of taking old stuff. The problem is that you don’t have room in the back of your closet either to store six hundred old sweaters. Let them know that you have been going through your stuff as well, and are getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Suggest that the donate it or, if they want their things to go to someone they know, put it on the swap table at a church or community function.

When It’s Broken

Even when people are trying to get rid of things, you are under no obligation to take stuff that is broken. It doesn’t matter if they think it would be a great fixer upper project for you or not. Let them know that you are glad they thought of you, but you just don’t have the time to take on this item. Suggest they pay to get it refurbished if it’s a really nice piece or gently let them know it should just be thrown away.


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